Go Kart in Long Island

Go Kart in Long Island: Racing Through the Thrills and Spills

If you’re an adrenaline junkie or someone seeking a fun-filled activity for the whole family, go-karting in Long Island offers the perfect blend of excitement and entertainment. As this motorsport gains popularity in the region, let’s explore the ins and outs of go-karting, from choosing the right venue to unleashing the speed on high-octane tracks.

The 5 Best Go Kart in Long Island

Here are the top five go-kart tracks you must visit, listed in the recommended order. Experience the thrill of racing at Go Karting Long Island, known for its remarkably swift and enjoyable go-karts. Don’t miss out on this adrenaline-packed adventure!

1. RPM Raceway | Race Play More

RPM Raceway, under the tagline ‘Race Play More’, is a premier destination for go-kart racing enthusiasts. It offers an adrenaline-packed experience with high-speed electric karts capable of reaching significant speeds, simulating a real racing experience.

The Raceway is not just about racing though; it offers a comprehensive entertainment package with arcade games and bowling alleys, thereby living up to its ‘Play More’ motto.

It’s a perfect destination for thrill-seekers, family outings, or corporate events, providing an unforgettable experience of speed, sport, and fun.

2. Tiki Action Park

Tiki Action Park stands as a unique, family-friendly entertainment hub, offering an enthralling mix of miniature golf and go-kart racing.

Nestled amidst a tropical-themed setting, the park’s adventure-packed 18-hole mini-golf course is a crowd favorite, loved by both adults and kids alike.

The park’s pulse-racing go-kart track, designed with challenging twists and turns, guarantees an adrenaline rush for speed enthusiasts.

In addition to the outdoor fun, the park houses a state-of-the-art arcade, offering a vast array of games that cater to all age groups. Tiki Action Park truly encapsulates a fun, adventurous outing for the entire family.

3. Country Fair Entertainment Park

Country Fair Entertainment Park offers a progressive blend of fun-filled activities suitable for all ages.

As a local amusement park, it provides an assortment of attractions like mini-golf, go-karting, batting cages, and a driving range, offering diverse entertainment options to its visitors.

The park’s mini-golf course, adorned with whimsical obstacles and creative hole designs, is a popular choice for family outings.

The go-kart track, with its twists and turns, promises a thrilling experience for racing enthusiasts. In addition, the park houses a thrilling array of arcade games, rounding out an experience that truly embodies the spirit of fun and excitement.

4. Staten Island FunPark:

Staten Island FunPark provides a thrilling destination for go-kart enthusiasts, with a dedicated track that promises an adrenaline rush for every racer.

The go-karts are high-performance, designed to provide an authentic racing experience, navigating tight turns and high-speed straights with ease.

The track layout is meticulously designed with challenging twists and turns to provide an exhilarating ride.

The park ensures safety without compromising on the thrill, making it an ideal destination for family outings or a group of friends seeking a fast-paced adventure.

Staten Island FunPark truly delivers a mix of excitement, speed, and competition for all age groups.

5. Brooklyn Go Karts & Miniature Golf (Circuito de karts):

Brooklyn Go Karts & Miniature Golf, also known as Circuito de Karts, is a vibrant go-karting and mini-golf hub in Brooklyn, offering a unique blend of speed and skill-based Entertainment.

The premier go-karting track, featuring high-speed straights and challenging turns, promises a thrilling experience for racing enthusiasts.

For those interested in a more leisurely activity, the creatively designed 18-hole mini-golf course provides a fun-filled challenge for all ages.

This venue embodies interactive entertainment, creating an enjoyably competitive environment that’s suitable for family outings or adventurous groups, promising a memorable day out.


In conclusion, go-karting in Long Island offers a diverse range of experiences for enthusiasts of all ages. From family-friendly tracks to high-speed adventures and DIY projects, the options are endless. Whether you’re a seasoned racer or a first-time driver, Long Island’s go-karting scene has something for everyone.


1. What Makes Long Island Ideal for Go Karting?

Long Island’s diverse landscapes and well-designed tracks make it an ideal destination for go karting. Experience the thrill against a backdrop of scenic beauty that adds an extra layer of excitement.

2. How Can I Improve My Go Karting Skills?

Improving your go karting skills takes practice and patience. Attend regular sessions, seek advice from experienced drivers, and embrace a learning mindset to enhance your abilities on the track.

3. Can I Bring My Own Go Kart to Long Island Tracks?

While most go karting centers provide karts, some may allow enthusiasts to bring their own. Check with the specific venue beforehand to ensure compliance with any regulations.

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