Go Karts Joplin Mo

Go Karts Joplin Mo – A Thrilling Adventure Awaits!

Imagine the wind rushing through your hair as you speed around a track, hugging tight curves and feeling the thrill of the race. Go-karting has become more than just a recreational activity; it’s a sensation, especially in Joplin, MO.

As enthusiasts continue to seek the perfect blend of excitement and safety, the go-karting scene in Joplin offers a diverse range of experiences for all ages.

Go-Karting Facilities in Joplin:

Joplin boasts several top-notch go-karting facilities that cater to both beginners and seasoned racers. From well-maintained tracks to state-of-the-art karts, these venues offer an array of amenities to make your go-karting experience unforgettable.

Go-Karting Facilities in Joplin:
source: betterkarting

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly outing or a competitive race with friends, Joplin has the perfect spot for you.

The Top 4 Go Karts in Joplin – Genuine Racing, Genuine Fun!

Let’s Explore the prime locations for go-kart racing in Joplin, MO. With just a few options, this makes for a brief yet informative read.

Dirt racing is like the grassroots of racing. When you race on dirt, you learn cool stuff like how to control the speed, handle a loose go-kart, and keep cool when things get intense – because, trust me, they will!

So, are you into go-kart racing?

Go-kart racing is a sport for the whole family, no matter how young or old you are. There’s a go-kart out there for everyone. Head back home to find out why I’m so crazy about go-kart racing and how it can shake up your life, just like it did for me!

So, are you into go-kart racing?
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Twister Alley Raceway:

Raceway NameTwister Alley Raceway
Location10403 First St, Butterfield, MO 65625
Phone(417) 235-8513
Website[Twister Alley Raceway
ClassPlate ColorAge GroupWeight Limit
RookieRed4-6225 lbs
Junior 1Green/Silver7-8235 lbs
Junior 2Purple9-11255 lbs
Junior 3Blue12-15275 lbs
Adult Class
Light300 lbs
Medium350 lbs
Heavy400 lbs
Stock Appearing350 lbs
OpensNo limit

Requirements to Race:

Feel the thrill at Twister Alley Raceway, which offers exciting racing opportunities for various age groups and classes. For more details, check out their Facebook page. 

Twister Alley Raceway – Go-Karts Joplin:

While there aren’t many tracks to choose from, the closest go-kart track is Twister Alley Raceway. A small family-run dirt track that hosts real go-kart races throughout the summer.

source: twisteralleyraceway

A 1/8 mile clay oval that promotes family fun but puts out some exciting and intense racing. Unfortunately, if you are looking for rental go-karts, this is not the place. This is a real go-kart track where you go to race your go-kart.

Twister Alley Raceway is the place where real racers get together and test their abilities on the track. Go-kart racing is a family sport, and that is emphasized greatly at Twister Alley.

Racers can start at the young age of 4 years in the rookie class, and adults as old as they would like can race in the adult classes. Go-kart racing is for everyone, young and old!


Raceway NamePhoneWebsite
E3 SPEEDWAYAsh Grove, MO 65604417-491-4447E3 Speedway | Facebook | Go Karts Near Joplin Hours
Requirements to RaceAges
Rookie – Red Plate Ages 4-6 – Weight 225 lbs
Junior 1 – Green/Silver PlateAges 7-8 – Weight 235 lbs
Junior 2 – Purple Plate Ages 9-11 – Weight 255 lbs
Junior 3 – Blue Plate Ages 12-15 – Weight 275 lbs
Adult Class Clone and Predator Engines
Light – 300 lbs
Heavy – 400 lbs
Stock Appearing – 350 lbs
Opens – No weight limit

E3 Speedway – Embracing Grassroots Go Karting in Joplin:

Discover the thrill of go-kart racing at E3 Speedway, another fantastic location near Joplin. As a small family-operated racing venue, E3 Speedway boasts a captivating bull-ring-style track that guarantees an exhilarating spectacle for spectators.

Is Dirt Racing Your Calling?

In my opinion, dirt go-kart racing represents one of the purest forms of motorsports. The challenges are multifaceted – the slick, bumpy track and the resilient nature of the drivers create an unmatched racing experience.

Is Dirt Racing Your Calling?
source: worldofoutlawsgame

E3 Speedway is conveniently situated about an hour straight East of Joplin. Considering the limited options in Joplin, an hour’s drive is a small sacrifice for the excitement that awaits. Reflecting on my upbringing, a journey exceeding an hour and a half to reach our local track was a norm!

If you’re contemplating diving into go-kart racing, E3 Speedway is an ideal starting point. Even if you choose to be a spectator initially, you’re already on the path to becoming a future race car driver.

Engage with the racers; ask questions about their journey into go-kart racing. Building connections at the track is pivotal, and racers, although guarded about their speed secrets, are generally eager to share their experiences.

Inquire about opportunities to assist – it’s an excellent way to gain insights into the inner workings of go-kart racing. Whether you’re gearing up to race or just eager to watch, E3 Speedway stands as a remarkable track that warrants a visit!

Lokomotion Family Fun Park:

4520 N College Ave, Fayetteville, AR 72703479-582-5656[Go Karts & Attractions
Family Go Kart$10
Pro Go Kart$10
Rookie Go Karts $10
Junior Go Karts$10
Sunday Thursday: 12 PM – 9 PM
Friday12 PM – 10 PM
Saturday10 AM – 10 PM

Race Eligibility Requirements

  • Pro Track: Individuals must be at least 58 inches tall and hold a valid driver’s license.
  • Family Go Kart Track: Drivers must be 54 inches tall and a minimum of 16 years old. Passengers are required to be at least 36 inches tall.
  • Rookie Track: Participants must be a minimum of 48 inches tall.
  • Junior Go Kart Track: Those looking to hit the Junior Track must meet a height requirement of 36 inches.

Lokomotion Family Fun Park – Go Karting Adventure Near Joplin!

When it comes to go-karting, Joplin might not be the go-to destination. Interestingly, we had to venture into Arkansas to discover the nearest family-fun go-kart park!

Lokomotion Family Fun Park
source: lokomotion

Situated just about an hour south of Joplin, Lokomotion Family Fun Park offers a rewarding experience, making the drive well worth it. This family-friendly venue provides a plethora of entertainment options, from exciting go-kart rides to adventurous bumper boat escapades.

The outdoor gas-powered go-karts at Lokomotion are tailored for families, offering a thrilling experience without the extreme speeds you might find at places like K1 Speed. Nevertheless, they guarantee loads of fun and excitement.

And if the go-karts have quenched your thirst for adventure, Lokomotion has more to offer. Dive into the Arcade for a gaming extravaganza, or, weather permitting, cool off with a splash on the Bumper Boats.

Challenge your skills at the 18-hole Mini Golf course or engage in a battle at the Lazer Tag arena the options are as diverse as they are entertaining!

Exeter Corn Maze:

Raceway NameLocationPhoneWebsite
Exeter Corn Maze20946 FR 1057, Exeter, MO 65647877-846-3959[Exeter Corn Maze
Adult Go Karts$5.95
Go Karts 12 and Under$4.95
HoursOpen From September 3rd – November 6th

Exeter Corn Maze – Go Karting Extravaganza:

For an exciting fall adventure, look no further than Exeter Corn Maze. Although their operating season is limited, spanning from September to November, the experience is well worth the visit.

Exeter Corn Maze
source: ozarksfirst

During their open months, you can enjoy thrilling go-kart races on both a spacious road course-style track and a smaller oval designed for the little ones.

What sets Exeter Corn Maze apart is its inclusive approach – they allow passengers to join the ride, ensuring no one is left out! It’s heartening to see a corn maze embracing outdoor go-karting, underscoring the fact that go-karting is indeed a sport for the whole family.


In Joplin, MO, go-karting isn’t just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. The thrill of the race, the camaraderie among enthusiasts, and the diverse range of experiences make go-karting in Joplin a must-try adventure.

Whether you’re a solo racer, a family looking for fun, or a company seeking team-building activities, Joplin’s go-karting scene has something for everyone.

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