Go-Karts in Chicago

Exploring the Thrills of Go-Karts in Chicago: Unleash Your Inner Speedster

Go Karts Chicago is the place to go if you’re looking for an adrenaline rush and a little adventure in the middle of the Windy City.

Prepare to rev your engines and enjoy the thrill of karting at high speeds in Chicago. In this post, we’ll take you on a fascinating journey through the go-kart racing industry in the energetic city of Chicago.

Why Chicago Is Famous For Go-Karts? Top 4 Reasons

  1. Modern tracks

Modern go-kart circuits built to test even the most skilled racers can be found in Chicago. Every lap on these circuits is a distinctive and thrilling experience thanks to the tight corners, lengthy straightaways, and exciting obstacles.

  1. Swiftness and security

At Go Karts Chicago, safety is a top priority. You will be given top-notch safety equipment, including gloves and helmets, to ensure your safety during the race. You may still experience the high-speed thrill that go-karting delivers despite the necessity for safety.

  1. All Skill Levels Are Acceptable

Regardless of your level of racing expertise, Go Karts Chicago has the ideal track and kart for you. Experts can test themselves on the most challenging courses, while beginners can start on beginner-friendly trails to refine their skills.

  1. Spirited racing

Go Karts Chicago frequently holds racing events and competitions, exciting those who enjoy competition. Participating in these events is a great way to compete against other competitive racers.

Why Pick Chicago Go Karts? Dont overlook 1st step

Why Pick Chicago Go Karts? Dont overlook 1st step
source: vbmotorworld
  1. Memorable Experiences

An experience at Go Karts Chicago ensures lifelong memories. Long after you leave the racetrack, you’ll still remember the wind in your hair, roaring engines, and the exhilaration of passing other drivers.

  1. Outstanding for Group Outings

An excellent option for group activities is go-karting. Go Karts Chicago offers a fun and memorable group activity for every occasion, including birthday parties, corporate events, and day trips with friends.

  1. Location is Convenient

Go Karts Chicago is conveniently located in the center of Chicago and is accessible to both locals and visitors. It is the ideal place to stop for a quick break while exploring the city because of its central location.

Are you looking for a go-kart track in Chicago? Top 5 Chicago Tracks

Go-kart racers seeking tracks close to Chicago have a lot of possibilities. However, those searching for a “Family Friendly” outing with the option of go-karting have a lot of possibilities as well.

Where can I ride a go-kart in Chicago? We’ve divided this page into “Adult” and “Family Friendly” Go-Kart courses to help you sort your options and discover the perfect one.

Adult-Oriented Kart Tracks. if you’re searching for go-kart courses primarily serving teen and adult drivers. The top songs available are as follows:

1. K1 Speed (Addison)

One of Chicago’s two K1 venues and one of the city’s most well-liked songs. Two tracks are available at the Addison site for competitive racers. Adult and Junior racers can use the other track, while one of these circuits is only for Adult drivers.

Both circuits offer a fast and fluid racing experience with a combination of straights and curves, and both have very competitive lap times around the 20-second range.

For safety reasons, the crew can remotely limit the speeds in the event of driver issues. All the karts are electric, with the highest speeds for Adult Karts reaching 45 mph.

Additionally, a restaurant on site called “Paddock Lounge” serves various delectable dishes and drinks.

Due to a rigorous anti-drinking and driving policy, alcohol can be supplied to individuals over 21 AFTER they have finished racing.

At this track, adult and junior drivers cannot compete against one another.

2. Accelerate Indoor Speedway

Accelerate Indoor Speedway
source: onmilwaukee

The Accelerate Indoor Speedway is the second-ranked track in Chicago in terms of popularity. Additionally, it has two tracks with the names of the illustrious Le Mans and Monaco races.

An “F1-inspired” electric go-kart can go up to 50 mph for adults. For a safe racing environment, the Junior division (Ages 8–12) has karts that can reach 25 mph and include additional safety features, such as emergency shut-off.

Axe-throwing is available on-site as an aside and to spice up your day a little. Consequently, you can expect an exciting day out!

There is also a bar and restaurant, but no driving after drinking is permitted.

3. Kart Circuit Autobahn

Kart course Autobahn provides a professional outdoor course measuring 52 miles. Karts powered by Honda GX270 cc engines can travel up to 55 mph on this circuit.

There is no option for junior category drivers at this circuit because the minimum age requirement is 14. However, it does provide some of the Chicago area’s fastest go-karting speeds.

Because it is an outdoor track, it is only open from April to October. For individuals who want to pursue go-karting as a pastime (or more! ), it does, however, provide a variety of leagues.

4. Concept Haulers Motor Speedway

Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is a good place to start if you want to compete in go-karting.

Full league competitions, endurance races, and the option for “premium karts,” which are more potent than their standard alternative and reach speeds of 50 mph, are all available.

For racers who are serious about competing, they also have a pro shop and equipment storage areas.

They provide various outdoor track options, including a kid’s, rental, and pro track.

5. K1 Speed (Buffalo Grove)

The second K1 Speed facility included in this article is in Buffalo, and given the franchise’s structure, the two locations are incredibly similar. Although they have different track configurations, they offer the same experience and speed.

Suppose you and your friend are planning a friendly competition. The four K1 tracks provide a solid foundation for post-performance snacks and beverages.

Kids’ Go-Kart Tracks in Chicago

Kids' Go-Kart Tracks in Chicago:
source: secretchicago

We have two suggestions for you if you’re searching for something more aimed toward more minor children.

These tracks are located in recreation and leisure areas and provide a variety of family-friendly activities.

Recommended Kids’ Go-Karting Tracks

  1. Haunted Trails Family Entertainment Centre, for starters
  2. Sugar Grove Family Fun Centre


The Chicago area offers a wide variety of high-speed choices for racers. The K1 franchises are a fantastic place to start because they have a variety of locations and tracks.

However, Concept Haulers Motor Speedway is your best bet if you’re searching for intense competition.


1. Is K1 speed pricey or not?

Despite being relatively expensive (a family of 4 $180 for 3 races), it’s worth it! The best go-karts I’ve ever driven, plus I appreciate that there are NO exhaust emissions and everything is indoors, so the weather has no bearing. My 9 and 13-year-old children also had a great day. This is a must-try if you’re looking for a REAL racing experience.

2. How quickly can KF1 karts move?

a 140 km/h speed Depending on the circuit, the top speed is 140 km/h (87 mph). KF1 is expensive and, as the Formula One of karting, drivers generally spend $100,000 annually to compete.

3. What does a street go-kart cost?

A typical new 4-stroke kart would run you roughly $ 5,000, although a used one can be had for as little as $ 1,000. Racing 2-stroke go-karts can cost more than $10,000 and are more expensive. On the other hand, a go-kart has a lot of components. You can save some money if you know each component’s cost.

4. How safe is K1 speed?

Go-kart racing at K1 Speed is safer than any other go-karting facility. We reduce the risk of damage because our karts are faster than those you may find at a family amusement park.

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