Go-Karting in New Orleans

Go-Karting In New Orleans: Unleash The Thrill On Lourneynood

Go-karting has long been a source of adrenaline-pumping excitement for speed enthusiasts and families alike. This thrilling motorsport activity combines the joy of racing with the safety of small, agile vehicles.

When it comes to enjoying go-karting, New Orleans offers a vibrant scene that caters to everyone, from beginners to seasoned racers.

Go-Karting In New Orleans:

Go-Karting in New Orleans
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New Orleans boasts some fantastic go-karting facilities. Most are conveniently located and offer a variety of tracks for different skill levels.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced driver, you’ll find a track that suits your needs. These tracks are well-maintained and equipped with the latest safety features to ensure a memorable experience.

Top 5 places Go-karting In Orleans:

Go-karting in New Orleans is a thrilling adventure suitable for all ages. It offers the perfect blend of speed, excitement, and safety.

Whether you’re looking for a solo outing, a family day, or a group event, go-karting in New Orleans has you covered?

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1. City Park:

City Park in New Orleans offers a thrilling go-karting experience that’s perfect for all ages. The track at City Park winds through the park’s lush landscape, providing a mix of excitement and technical driving challenges.

What sets City Park apart is its diverse range of karts, catering to both kids and adults. From slower, kid-friendly karts to high-performance models for the more experienced, everyone can enjoy the action.

Safety is a top priority at City Park, with helmets provided and vigilant staff to ensure a secure environment.

Additionally, its convenient location within the park allows you to seamlessly integrate go-karting into your day, making it a fantastic addition to your outdoor adventure.

Whether you’re a local looking for a thrill or a tourist exploring the city, City Park’s go-karting experience is not to be missed.

2. City Putt Miniature Golf Course:

City Putt Miniature Golf Course
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City Putt Miniature Golf Course in New Orleans offers a unique go-karting experience that’s both thrilling and family-friendly.

The course features a well-designed track that winds through the beautiful greens and water features, adding an extra layer of fun to your go-karting adventure.

With a variety of karts suited for all ages and skill levels, City Putt ensures that everyone can participate in the excitement. Safety measures are in place, including helmets and attentive staff, to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience.

Located conveniently within City Park, City Putt Miniature Golf Course allows you to combine go-karting with other fantastic attractions within the park, making it a perfect choice for a day of outdoor entertainment.

Don’t miss the chance to rev your engines and navigate the scenic surroundings at City Putt Miniature Golf Course on your next visit to New Orleans.

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3. NOLA Sport:

NOLA Sport in New Orleans is a go-karting enthusiast’s dream come true. This state-of-the-art facility offers an exceptional go-karting experience that caters to racers of all levels.

NOLA Sport boasts a challenging track with twists, turns, and straightaways that will put your driving skills to the test.

What sets this facility apart is its high-performance karts that provide an adrenaline rush like no other.

Safety is paramount at NOLA Sport. Racers are provided with top-quality helmets and are closely monitored by expert staff who ensure all safety guidelines are followed. This attention to safety guarantees a worry-free experience for all participants.

Whether you’re a professional racer seeking a challenging track or a beginner looking to try out go-karting for the first time, NOLA Sport has something for everyone.

Located in New Orleans, it’s a must-visit destination for an unforgettable go-karting adventure. So, get ready to rev your engines and feel the thrill at NOLA Sport.

4. Indoor Karting New Orleans:

Indoor Karting New Orleans
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If you prefer a climate-controlled environment, Indoor Karting New Orleans is the place to be. Their electric go-karts offer a quieter yet thrilling experience. The indoor track ensures that rain or shine, you can always enjoy the excitement of go-karting.

5. Adventure Quest Laser Tag and Go-Karts:

For families seeking a complete entertainment package, Adventure Quest is the perfect choice.

Their go-karts are designed for all ages, and there’s also the added fun of laser tag. It’s an ideal destination for a day of family-friendly adventure.

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Wrapping up:

Go-karting in New Orleans is more than just a recreational activity; it’s an adventure that combines speed, competition, and safety.

The city’s go-karting tracks cater to all ages and skill levels, ensuring that everyone can partake in the excitement.

So, whether you’re a local looking for a new thrill or a tourist seeking a unique experience, don’t miss the chance to hop into a go-kart and race your way to unforgettable memories in New Orleans.


1. Where in New Orleans can I go-karting?

The biggest karting track in the US is located at NOLA Motorsports Park. They include go-kart rentals, family-friendly driving activities, and more! a 2.75 mile, 16-turn, world-class track with a 5,200 foot straightaway.

2. Which brand of go-karts is the best?

Tony Kart is one of the oldest kart brands to have graced this sport and is the most well-known kart brand on this list. The company’s more than 50-year existence began in 1958 at a modest workshop in Prevalle, Italy.

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