Buried In Barstow 2

Buried In Barstow 2 –  Join The Adventure With Hazel King!

Buried in Barstow 2  is the exciting follow-up to the first movie, continuing Hazel King’s story as she faces new challenges and fights to overcome her past.

Prepare to be captivated by the thrilling sequel, “Buried in Barstow 2,” as Hazel King dives into a riveting journey packed with excitement, unexpected challenges, and intriguing surprises that will keep you eagerly glued to the screen.

Dive into the excitement of ‘Buried in Barstow  ‘ as Hazel King’s story unfolds with new twists and turns.

Recap Of Buried In Barstow – Take A Trip Down Memory!

“Buried in Barstow” is a gripping tale that follows Hazel King, a former assassin seeking solace in a quiet life in Barstow, California. However, her past catches up with her when her father and former boss, Von, forces her back into the criminal world.

The movie unfolds as Hazel navigates through challenges, including a final assassination job orchestrated by Von.

Along the way, she forms a complex relationship with Elliot, one of Von’s henchmen sent to watch over her.

The climax of “Buried in Barstow” leaves viewers on the edge of their seats as Hazel is shot, and Javier, her friend, is kidnapped.

The movie ends with unresolved questions, setting the stage for the highly anticipated sequel, Buried in Barstow 2.

What’s New In Buried In Barstow 2 – Know About It!

What's New In Buried In Barstow 2
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“Buried in Barstow 2” brings new depth to the story, expanding on the original while delivering exciting surprises and twists for viewers to savor.

One of the key aspects of the sequel is the deeper exploration of Hazel King’s character arc. As Hazel grapples with the aftermath of the attack and Javier’s kidnapping, she undergoes significant personal growth and transformation.

Viewers can expect to see a more resilient and determined Hazel as she navigates through new challenges and confronts her past head-on.

Furthermore, “Buried in Barstow 2” explores the intricate relationship dynamics between Hazel and Elliot. Their relationship evolves unexpectedly, adding intrigue and emotion to the narrative.

Fans can look forward to exploring the depths of their connection as they face external threats and internal conflicts.

Moreover, the sequel introduces compelling new characters and adversaries who shape Hazel’s journey.

These additions bring fresh conflicts, alliances, and surprises, adding depth and complexity to the overarching storyline.

Buried in Barstow 2  guarantees an exciting and immersive journey for its audience.. New developments, character arcs, and plot twists will keep them engaged and eager to uncover the mysteries awaiting Hazel King and her entourage.

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Cast And Characters In Buried In Barstow 2 – Get To Know The Amazing!

Cast And Characters In Buried In Barstow 2
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Hazel King:

The central protagonist, Hazel, continues her journey of redemption and survival in the sequel. Angie Harmon brings depth and complexity to the character as she navigates through new challenges and confronts her past.

Hazel’s resilience and determination are tested as she faces formidable adversaries and unearths shocking truths about her history.


Elliot, a former henchman turned ally, plays a crucial role in Hazel’s life. Kristoffer Polaha’s portrayal significantly adds layers to Elliot’s character as his relationship with Hazel deepens, and he faces new tests.

Elliot’s loyalty and resourcefulness are essential in navigating the dangers that await them in “Buried in Barstow 2.”


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Javier, Hazel’s friend kidnapped in the first movie, returns in “Buried in Barstow 2.” George Paez’s performance brings emotional depth to Javier’s character as he deals with the aftermath of his ordeal.

Javier’s resilience and friendship with Hazel are pivotal in the sequel’s narrative, showcasing the bonds that withstand adversity.


A mysterious and formidable figure from Hazel’s past, Nadia’s arrival in the sequel adds tension and intrigue to the storyline.

The casting for Nadia is yet to be announced, heightening anticipation for this enigmatic character. Nadia’s motives and connections to Hazel bring new layers of complexity to the plot, keeping viewers guessing about her true intentions.


Victor emerges as a new adversary for Hazel, bringing a different threat to her life. The casting for Victor remains undisclosed, keeping viewers curious about his role in the narrative.

Victor’s cunning and ruthlessness challenge Hazel, forcing her to strategize and confront her fears head-on.

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Allison is introduced as a potential ally for Hazel, offering support and insights into her challenges. The casting details for Allison are awaited, promising an exciting addition to the ensemble cast.

Allison’s involvement with Hazel’s journey brings a sense of hope and solidarity, adding depth to the relationships that shape the sequel’s storyline.

Hazel and Elliot’s Relationship in Buried in Barstow 2

The sequel, “Buried in Barstow 2,” delves deeper into the complex relationship between Hazel King and Elliot, adding layers of emotion, conflict, and growth to their dynamic.

Evolution of Their Bond: 

Hazel and Elliot’s relationship evolves significantly in the sequel as they navigate new challenges and dangers.

The events around them test, strengthen, and transform their bond, leading to profound emotional connections and revelations.

Conflict and Trust: 

The sequel explores Hazel and Elliot’s conflicts and trust issues, especially as they confront external threats and internal doubts.

Their journey involves navigating through misunderstandings, secrets, and conflicting loyalties, highlighting the complexities of their connection.

Emotional Depth: 

Emotional Depth
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Buried in Barstow 2 delves into the emotional depth of Hazel and Elliot’s relationship, showcasing moments of vulnerability, intimacy, and resilience. Viewers witness the highs and lows of their connection, rooted in shared experiences and mutual understanding.

Impact on the Narrative: 

Hazel and Elliot’s relationship impacts the overall narrative of the sequel, influencing decisions, alliances, and character arcs. Their dynamic adds layers of intrigue and drama to the storyline, shaping the choices they make and the paths they follow.

Character Growth: 

Hazel and Elliot experience significant growth and development as individuals through their relationship. They confront their past traumas, face their fears, and discover newfound strengths, making their journey together a central aspect of “Buried in Barstow 2’s” narrative arc.

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1. Is there a trailer or teaser available for Buried in Barstow 2?

No official trailer or teaser has been released for “Buried in Barstow 2.” Keep an eye out for updates from the production team regarding promotional material.

2. Will Buried in Barstow 2 answer the unresolved questions from the first movie?

Buried in Barstow 2  is expected to address the unresolved mysteries and cliffhangers from the first movie, providing closure to key plot points while introducing new story elements.

3. Who is directing Buried in Barstow 2?

The director of Buried in Barstow 2 has yet to be officially announced. Stay tuned for updates on the creative team behind the sequel.

4. Is there any information about the filming locations for Buried in Barstow 2?

Details about the filming locations for “Buried in Barstow 2” have not been disclosed. Stay updated on announcements regarding the movie’s production.


Get ready for the thrilling sequel, Buried in Barstow 2 where Hazel King faces exciting challenges and surprises, keeping you hooked and wanting more with every twist in her captivating journey.

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